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What Is Condo Curb Appeal

If you think that curb appeal is something that only applies to houses, you would be incorrect! Curb appeal is just as relevant when discussing Chicago condos for sale. Although condos don’t get the same sort of foot traffic that houses do, there is a way to increase your condo curb appeal. Here’s how:

First, What Exactly is Condo Curb Appeal?

Although your condo may not stand out from the street, there are still many things that impact the curb value. For example, a cluttered, dirty balcony will deter buyers. Additionally, a boring façade, untidy building, or sloppy neighbors can also impact your condo curb value.

How Do You Control the Common Areas?

If your condo building has common areas used by neighbors, it’s a good idea for you to

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Tips For Selling a Chicago Condo

In many ways, selling a condo can be a little more challenging than selling a detached home. For starters, you don’t get the same foot traffic that you would with a traditional home. However, there are also many factors that make selling a condo easier, and one of those would be the fact that condos are highly popular in Chicago right now.

When it comes to selling your Chicago condo, here at six tips to get you prepared:

1 - Find Out if there are Specific Condo Association Rules

You probably have a good idea of any condo association rules that apply to making changes or improvements to the condo, but did you know that there may also be rules that apply to the selling of your property? Understanding these rules is a vital first step in selling

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