5 Reasons to Leave the Suburbs for a Downtown Chicago Condo

Posted by Terri McAuley on Friday, July 28th, 2017 at 9:58am

5 Reasons to Leave the Suburbs for a Downtown Chicago Condo

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could live in downtown Chicago? Are you considering moving away from your home in the suburbs? While it might seem like an impractical dream to you, there are some good reasons to make it a reality!

New condo buildings are going up in Downtown Chicago every day, but the demand keeps growing too. Why? Because living downtown puts you close to all the best parts of the city, and living in a condo can save you tons of time and even money.

So is it time for you to make the move back to the city? Here are 5 reasons why it might be!

1. You Spend All Your Time Commuting to the City

Do you work in the city? What about on weekends—do you drive downtown for fine dining, live music, or other cultural experiences? Add up the amount of time and money it costs you in an average week to travel between the city and your cozy suburb.

Think about it: what's five or ten hours of your life every week worth to you? Could you spend that time doing something more entertaining? Or enjoying time with friend and family? Or working on your hobby project? If you lived in a condo the city, you'd get most of that time back, and you could use it to have great experiences instead of sitting in traffic.

And then there's your car. What does your commute cost you in terms of gas? In terms of car maintenance and car insurance? What about parking? Think of all the money you'd save if you lived a short walk or cab ride away from all of Downtown Chicago!

2. You Want More Experiences

Studies show that experiences lead to greater happiness than possessions. But if you live in the suburbs, you might feel that the experiences you really want are too much of a hassle.

Do you want to eat at a great restaurant every day? See more concerts or theatre? Take a class and learn a new skill? It's much easier to do all of these things when you live downtown, because you'll have more, better, and closer options for anything you could ever want to do. Except maybe camping.

3. Your Kids Have Moved Out

Maybe a 3,000 square foot, 4-bedroom home was necessary when your whole family was living under one roof, but now your kids have all gone off to college. The truth is, you don't really need all that empty space, so why not downsize to a comfortable condo in a more exciting neighborhood?

You might think you need that space for when your kids visit for the holidays, but the truth is, that's only a few weeks per year total. They may have to sleep on a pull-out-couch, but getting to enjoy the city's nightlife will more than make up for it. They might even visit you more often!

You Want to Be More Active

Do you ever bemoan the fact that you don't have time for exercise? Well, think back to all that time you spend in traffic during your commute. But when you live in a downtown Chicago condo, you get to be a lot more active just naturally.

Sure, you can set aside more time to go to the gym—and many condo buildings have fitness centers and even swimming pools, making working out that much easier. But the real improvement in your activity level will come from how much more you walk. Are you used to driving to the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, or even your gym? From your condo, you'll be walking to all these places more often than not, and you'll be surprised just how much of a difference all that walking will make on your health.

You Don't Want to Spend Your Weekends on Home Maintenance

You won't just save time and money on your commute. Think about what you did last weekend—did you mow the lawn, or unclog the drain? How much time and money have you spent over the years keeping your yard in good shape, renovating your home, or fixing leaky faucets?

Condo buildings typically take care of all maintenance for you, in exchange for a small monthly fee. This means no more worrying about whether the treadmill or the laundry machine are broken, and no more raking, mowing, or shoveling snow. You can put your time and energy towards enjoying your big city life!

Are you ready to make the leap from outdated suburban living to a flashy, Downtown Chicago condo? The Chicago real estate market can be overwhelming, and condos especially are in very high demand. Contact Terri today to talk about making this your best move—she can help you discover which neighborhoods or buildings would be right for you. Want to start browsing? Start exploring our listings for yourself to get a sense of what your new condo might look like!

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