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How Millennials Are Changing Real Estate

If you're still wondering or talking about millennials not buying homes...then you're behind the times.

Millennials are entering the home buying market in a big way, and have been for the past few years.

But that's not to say that they haven't faced obstacles, many of which are still shaping how, when, and why they're jumping into the real estate market.

The desire to own a home hasn't changed much for the younger generations, but rising student debt, stagnant wages, high rents, and later marriages, have all pushed back the home-purchasing decision for those born between 1981 and 1997.

Courting this dynamic cohort means understanding their challenges, as well as their desires.

What Do Millennial Home-Buyers Want?

So what do

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What Is Condo Curb Appeal

If you think that curb appeal is something that only applies to houses, you would be incorrect! Curb appeal is just as relevant when discussing Chicago condos for sale. Although condos don’t get the same sort of foot traffic that houses do, there is a way to increase your condo curb appeal. Here’s how:

First, What Exactly is Condo Curb Appeal?

Although your condo may not stand out from the street, there are still many things that impact the curb value. For example, a cluttered, dirty balcony will deter buyers. Additionally, a boring façade, untidy building, or sloppy neighbors can also impact your condo curb value.

How Do You Control the Common Areas?

If your condo building has common areas used by neighbors, it’s a good idea for you to

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Tips For Selling a Chicago Condo

In many ways, selling a condo can be a little more challenging than selling a detached home. For starters, you don’t get the same foot traffic that you would with a traditional home. However, there are also many factors that make selling a condo easier, and one of those would be the fact that condos are highly popular in Chicago right now.

When it comes to selling your Chicago condo, here at six tips to get you prepared:

1 - Find Out if there are Specific Condo Association Rules

You probably have a good idea of any condo association rules that apply to making changes or improvements to the condo, but did you know that there may also be rules that apply to the selling of your property? Understanding these rules is a vital first step in selling

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5 Tips for Staging Your Home
Are you in the market to sell your home? Maybe you're looking to downsize and are interested in some of Chicago's luxury condos for sale? Or maybe you want to get your feet wet in the real estate market? No matter what your goal is, most real estate agents will tell you that it's important that you stage your home correctly in order to appeal to prospective buyers.

As of 2013, 65.2% of all families owned their primary residence. This is fantastic to keep in mind when you go to sell, as you are able to have full creative inspiration when it comes to staging. Here are five staging tips—Chicago real estate agent approved—that you should forget when it's time to put your house on the market.

First things first...

Don't forget the curb appeal of your

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Home Staging Tips

When you want to make a good first impression, looks matter—and when it comes to showing your home, you want to wow everyone that comes through the entry. In order to do so, there are a few tips and tricks that real estate agents suggest to make homes look more welcoming.

Nearly all REALTORs report that their buyers are influenced by home staging. Staging a property can help create a more inviting space without spending a ton of money on renovations. In fact, the median cost to stage a home is just $675. With that in mind, here are some tips to really boost your property's appeal:

1. Make sure that your home is spotless.

This should be your first priority when showing your home. There should be no clutter on any tables or counter tops, and no

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If you’re thinking about putting your Chicago condo or house on the market, or perhaps have had it listed recently, you may want to consider a little home refresh to make sure that your home is looking it’s best to potential buyers. Many of these are minor fixes that can go a long way in establishing a good first impression of the home on the market.

1. Take a step back and be objective.

Your daughter may have loved that lime green bedroom in 2001, but a potential buyer might not be such a big fan. If any of your walls or rooms are painted an unusual or “off” color, repaint! An over-the-top wall color may prevent buyers from being able to picture how their furniture and belongings will fit into the space. A new coat of paint will give your

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Chicago condos for sale

Welcome to Terri McAuley's brand new web site! The name is the same, but Terri's new site is the most technologically advanced Chicago real estate website you can find, which means you will have an easier time searching for Chicago condos and Chicago luxury condos.

For one thing, when you're checking out Chicago real estate, you can Register here and save your home and condo searches, plus we'll send you updates with any new listings that fall under the specifications you're looking for in home or Chicago condo.

Terri's site also includes helpful tips for buyers and sellers, and she can help you with the all-important home staging, which is huge as homes that are properly staged can sell for up to $26,000 more than homes that are not. Staged homes

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If you’re anything like me, you check out online reviews and ratings when you want to get the inside scoop on an auto mechanic, plumber, hotel or restaurant. And when I’m happy or very unhappy about their product or service I contribute to those sites as well. So my question to you is why wouldn’t you do the same things when you’re shopping for a real estate agent?

Most of my business continue to come from referrals which is great but many others still select a real estate agent based on old and mostly unreliable methods:

  • A family friend or relative
  • Any agent for a large brokerage
  • Someone who claims to have good stats (short market times, high closing ratio, etc.)
  • Someone with visibility in the area
  • Someone perceived to know the area
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Staging Your Chicago Home or Condo For Sale

Staging your home can be the most valuable tool that a home seller can utilize when selling their home. Research shows that there are solid statistics to support this approach.

According to Kiplinger(February 2009) “Homes listed for sale prior to staging sat on the market for an average of four and a half months and sold for within just over a week afterward. Homes listed for sale after staging sold within 32 to 42 days. In either case the homes sold for an average of $26,000 more than expected."

With the real estate market in flux selling your home for top dollar can be very difficult. Staging your home can be the most effective tool to find that prospective buyer. Staging your home for sale can

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Staging your home can be the most valuable tool that a home seller can utilize when selling their home. Research shows that there are solid statistics to support this approach.

Over 90% of buyers begin their search online. It is very important that your Chicago Condo makes a strong first impression to attract buyers. Staging will help you do just that.

A staged home will sell, on average, 17% higher than a home that is not staged according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

With the real estate market in flux selling your home for top dollar can be very difficult. The market times have increased which prices have dropped. Staging your home can be the most effective tool to find that prospective buyer. Staging your home for

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