What Is Condo Curb Appeal? And How Do You Create It?

Posted by Terri McAuley on Monday, February 19th, 2018 at 9:09am

What Is Condo Curb Appeal

If you think that curb appeal is something that only applies to houses, you would be incorrect! Curb appeal is just as relevant when discussing Chicago condos for sale. Although condos don’t get the same sort of foot traffic that houses do, there is a way to increase your condo curb appeal. Here’s how:

First, What Exactly is Condo Curb Appeal?

Although your condo may not stand out from the street, there are still many things that impact the curb value. For example, a cluttered, dirty balcony will deter buyers. Additionally, a boring façade, untidy building, or sloppy neighbors can also impact your condo curb value.

How Do You Control the Common Areas?

If your condo building has common areas used by neighbors, it’s a good idea for you to take the initiative to make sure they are clean, tidy, and presentable. For instance, if the mail room is always full of discarded flyers and junk mail, place a decorative basket in the room for the other residents to use. You can also politely ask your neighbors to be respectful as you are selling your home and can expect visitors and potential buyers to come through on a regular basis.

Tidy the Balcony

Imagine a realtor brining a young couple to see your condo. They’re standing on the street and ask the realtor to point out the condo. When they look up, they see a cluttered mess with old, raggedy patio furniture, storage boxes, empty bottles, and more. That’s not a pleasing sight, right? Even though buyers may not see your balcony from the street, it’s still worth keeping it clean and tidy, just in case.

You can also spruce things up with a simple patio set and some potted plants to add a touch of greenery to the balcony, which is something that almost all buyers will notice and appreciate.

Spruce Up the Door

Realtors often recommend that homeowners paint their doors to add curb value. In a condo, that might not be possible, but you can still make sure the door is clean, spotless, and welcoming. If a buyer sees the door with numerous scuff marks and damage, they will automatically assume that the interior of the condo is just as rough.

Speaking of Doors…

The front entryway to the condo should always be clean, free of debris, and welcoming. Make sure the doors are functioning properly and speak with the concierge to let them know that you will be expecting more frequent guests due to showings. That way, the concierge and security can expect new visitors and welcome them appropriately.

Work with the Condo Association

One of the most valuable relationships you will have throughout selling your condo is with your Condo Association. By letting them know that you are planning to sell, they can make sure the building is always looking at its best. You can recommend a condo association meeting to make recommendations, and if there are multiple units being sold in the building, you can team up with the other sellers to make the building is serving serious curb appeal.

Whether you’re hoping to spruce up your condo to prepare it for selling or if you simply want to turn potential buyers into a solid deal, increasing your condo curb appeal is the best way to get it done. To find out more tips and tricks on how to improve your condo curb appeal, contact Chicago’s best condo realtor, Terri McAuley. Call us at 312-330-3211 today.

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