Relocating To Chicago IL?

Relocating to Chicago, transfer to chicagoNow is the time to pick your perfect Chicago home or condo if you're relocating to Chicago! Whether you are considering an in-town investment property or a permanent residence, we can help! Once we establish what is important to you, we start searching for homes that meet your criteria.

We will ask you to tell us what will be important in your new Chicago condo, townhome, single-family home or multi-unit condo flat. We will want to know your "nice to haves" versus your "must-haves." This will include amenities, location and other factors important to your lifestyle.

Moving To Chicago: Narrowing Your Search

We will stay in continuous contact and send you property listings complete with photos, descriptions and links to neighborhoods and school information. The goal is to focus on specific neighborhoods and property types so that your home-finding trip is a productive one. Your agent will also preview homes to make sure they do indeed meet your preferences. After all, we know your time is valuable. As you prepare to visit Chicago for your home-finding trip, we will provide you with a complete itinerary so you know exactly what to expect upon arrival.

Transferring To Chicago: Finding Your Home

Transferees often describe their home-finding visit as a whirlwind, but Terri McAuley and her team's goal is to make sure yours doesn't feel like one. Much of the ground work for achieving that goal is laid before you ever step foot in Chicago, as our agents and Destination Service Specialists plan your visit down to the last detail.

Depending on the services provided by your employer or their relocation company, Terri McAuley and her team will make hotel accommodations, arrange comfortable transportation between the airport and your hotel. We will also provide a personalized area tour and set up school appointments if you have school-aged children. By taking care of details such as these, you can relax and focus more of your attention on your home search.

During that search, we'll not only provide detailed information about the properties we're showing, but we'll also present those properties within the context of their surroundings. By understanding the unique characteristics of Chicago real estate - from the city's architecture to its street-grid system - you'll be able to make an educated decision about which neighborhood and home are right for you. And you'll be able to feel confident about that decision as you prepare to enter into a contract.

Contract to Closing

It gives our clients great comfort to know that, above all else, we are a company of accomplished real estate salespeople. Our agents are known for their consummate professionalism, expert negotiating skills and attention to detail through every stage of the transaction - from contract to closing and beyond. So when the time comes to finally put a home under contract, you can rest assured our relocation team will represent your interests faithfully, intently and capably.

Our agents will:

  • Negotiate your contract to achieve the best possible terms
  • Recommend preferred lenders to assist you with the process of applying for and obtaining mortgage financing
  • Obtain important documents, such as property disclosure form and condominium documents, and deliver them to you and your attorney
  • Accompany your inspector during home inspection and final walk-through
  • Monitor all contingencies to ensure they have been met
  • Coordinate your closing date to ensure desired occupancy
  • Assist with the transferring or setup of utilities
  • Recommend service providers for home-improvement or maintenance projects
  • Handle any and all details leading up to your closing
  • Attend your closing

Terri McAuley will stay in touch with you long after your move. We have resources that can assist you with cleaning, painting, refinishing and even rehabbing your home. Call us first for recommendations for work in your home.

Referrals are critical to our business. If you like our attention to detail and appreciate our service please refer us to your friends, family and business associates. Call Terri at 312-330-3211 or contact her online.

Relocating to Chicago - Learn about this great city!

Chicago has long been considered the business and culture capitol of the Midwest, but within the past decade, under the leadership of Mayor Richard M. Daley, Chicago has emerged as a World City renowned for its diverse and thriving economy, world-class arts and entertainment, and progressive environmental-stewardship. Today, Chicago's shining star is brighter than ever - as the FAST COMPANY U.S. City of the Year and as the No. 1 city in resident satisfaction according to a recent survey of 14 international cities including New York and Paris.

To the average Chicagoan, these accolades come as little surprise. Since its incorporation in 1837, Chicago has represented the strong work ethic, boot-strap optimism and practical ingenuity of the Midwest. This is the town that reversed the flow of the river, gave birth to the modern skyscraper and endured the longest championship drought in Major League Baseball history...with a smile. It's a city known for breathtaking beauty and blue collar brawn. And more and more, Chicago has the attention of the nation and the world.

Chicago is called "the city that works," and it lives up to that moniker as the corporate headquarters for more than 25 Fortune 500 companies.

Chicago's economy is growing faster than New York's or L.A.'s, and the recent merger of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange created the world's largest financial exchange. But, Chicago is also fiercely entrepreneurial - a city where just about anyone with an idea and the passion to see it through can find success.

When Chicagoans aren't working, they're enjoying one of the most vibrant urban playgrounds in the world, offering year-round recreation to enliven the body, mind and spirit. The Chicago Park District oversees almost 26 miles of public shoreline and more than 500 parks, the crown jewel of which, Millennium Park features a band shell designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. Other popular recreational and cultural pursuits include live theater, world-class museums and seven major professional sports teams. Chicago also knows a thing or two about great food. It has its own style of pizza (deep dish) and hot dog (hold the ketchup), but the city also has emerged as a center for haute cuisine, boasting a number of America's most critically acclaimed restaurants.

The Windy City is also blazing a trail in green building and design. Under the watchful eye and green thumb of Mayor Daley, Chicago has planted more than 300 green roofs, including one atop City Hall. While people often describe Chicago in superlatives-first, biggest, tallest-to most Chicagoans the best thing about the city is the fact that, in many ways, it's still a small town. Each of the city's 77 official neighborhoods has its own distinctive character, places and people. These people tend to be genuinely friendly and helpful. And they take great pride in welcoming newcomers. For all these reasons, Terri McAuley's Relocation team is proud to represent Chicago. Welcome to our city.

Let us help you learn more about Chicago and assist you in locating your perfect Chicago home. Call Terri McAuley at 312-330-3211.

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